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Design and materials research

Outdoor products have an intrinsic need: must be durable, resistant, safe.
Bad weather, thermal excursions, atmospheric agents, the aggressions of mold and mushrooms, solar radiation are all factors that effect continuously you furnish, ancillary parts , outdoor fabrics . 

Therefore, the materials used in our collection , are fruit of a modern search that guarantees quality and durability.

Lightweight and resistant aluminum structures, are made with the finest industrial processes and rigorous testing to ensure the quality and suitability for professional use. The filaments used are synthetic fibers, aesthetically similar to the bamboo, rattan, but with greater strength and durability, resistance to heat, cold (+/-50 °), water, salt and UV rays.

For tables tops , we give preference to tempered glass or spray-stone top , in order to compensate all the  inconvenience due to high temperatures.

The fabrics, who take on an increasingly important role, must respond not only to technical characteristics such as resistance, waterproofness and practicality, but especially to fashion trends.

Each piece is hand-woven on aluminium tube, which makes  the products light and at the same time extremely strong that don't need any maintenance work and last over time. 

The essentiality of their stylish, bride functionality and comfort, creating a perfect synthesis of elegance, style and practicality. Enriched by special stainless steel elements and soft cushions indispensable to furnish the most prestigious locations.   


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